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Downtown Tacoma Glass Museum and Slavic Christian Center Wedding: Tacoma Wedding Photographer

So with the launch of my new site and brand redesign, I really wanted to make blogging an important part of my business. That being said, over the next few months, I will be playing blog catch up... starting with my first wedding in 2016.

Rosie and Jason were such a fun couple, and I had such a great time photographing their wedding. We started at the hotel where Rosie was getting ready. They had their first look just outside the hotel and then the entire bridal party traveled to the Tacoma Glass Museum in a hummer stretch limo! 

The ceremony was held at the Slavic Christian Center. The pastor held the ceremony in Russian, with an English translator. Rosie and Jason's entire family prayed over their marriage. I had to hold back tears when Jason and Rosie prayed for each other. Overall it is was such a sweet ceremony.

The reception was also at the church. The atmosphere was so lively and you could tell everyone was overjoyed to celebrate the marriage of these two. Their were traditions from both Rosie's side and Jason's side that were incorporated into the reception, including a game for couples. I don't know what the game was called, but I loved it. Basically, married couples were chosen from the guests and all the men were sent out of the room. While the men were gone, the women were given a list of questions to answer...such as "chocolate or flowers?" and "what is your favorite store?" etc. The game facilitator (in this case I believe it was a cousin of the groom) recorded all the answers. The men were then brought back in and each given a rose with a long stem. They were lined up facing their wives and were asked the questions their wives had answered. Wives were not aloud to give hints, and if the husband got the answer wrong, a piece of their rose stem was cut off. Whoever had the longest rose stem after all the questions, won! This game had everyone laughing and was a blast to watch. 

We ended the night at Stadium High School and by that time it had started pouring rain. These two were totally up for the adventure and didn't mind. The photos were worth it! It was a beautiful and special day, and I couldn't be happier for Rosie and Jason.

Location: Tacoma Glass Museum, Slavic Christian Center, Stadium High School

2nd Photographer: Riley Shiery