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Lake Chelan Proposal and Engagement// Alex and Danielle | Lake Chelan Wedding Photographer

"I'll try harder," he said...Danielle had told Alex that she was sorry, but she didn't feel they had anything in common. They first saw each other in science class. They hung out a few times after that, he asked her to be his girlfriend twice, and she said no. But he never gave up. Danielle told me "I loved how hard he tried, so I asked him a week later what we were because I was ready." He asked her a third time to be his girlfriend. She said yes. Fast forward to nearly five years later, on July 15th, 2016 he asked her to be his WIFE. Her answer...YES.

Danielle's mom and I worked out how I was going to photograph the proposal. I was a "real estate" photographer taking photos of the house they were renting. Alex would go on a walk with Danielle and propose in front of the beautiful Columbia River view...Alex just couldn't wait any longer, and proposed right next to the path. I was able to run over in time to catch Danielle's reaction. This moment was seriously one of the sweetest moments I've ever photographed. Danielle kept saying, "this is everything I've ever wanted!" They are such a genuine and awesome couple. Now, exactly five months later, they will be getting married on December 15th! I could not be more excited to photograph their special day.